Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update status for Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung has facilitated Galaxy S2 users with an update of the device’s OS to a newer version of Android, the Jelly Bean v.4.1.2. Galaxy S2 was particularly one of the best-selling and hottest Samsung flagships in 2011. The update has been released for Galaxy S2 variant GT-I9100P.

Samsung keeps updating the device on behalf of its huge customer base. But the update is confined to that particular variant of Samsung Galaxy S2, but will be soon reaching the other variants as well. Currently, the update is facilitated to Sprint and reportedly T-mobile as well. AT & T, US Cellular and Verizon are the remaining US carriers to execute this update.


This update will render the Galaxy S2 with a newer UX interface, the same that prevails in Samsung Galaxy S3 with a newer Android version and also the Galaxy S3 Mini. The performance level of your device would be overall augmented via this update. You can navigate to about phone from settings and then to check software update to see if an update is available. Else, you can also wait for your carrier to notify you with a push message upon the release of this update on your model.

Post updating, your device will feature TouchWiz Nature UX and will run on a boosted OS, Android Jelly Bean v.4.1.2, dismissing the older Android version Ice Cream Sandwich v.4.1.

You will be able to access S Cloud services of Samsung after this update. The device’s camera specs will also be improved considerably. S2 will be powered by a newer lockscreen with more options for customization after you download this update on your device. Some new features like Smart Stay, Direct Call and Pop-up Lay will be added to the flagship.

Now, you will be able to set your phone on dual home screen modes.  The update is advantageous and contains some beneficial specs to improve your device’s consistency in performance.

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