Apple iPad Mini vs New Google Nexus 7 2: Specs, Price and Features Discussed

Google has finally taken the veils off its tablet computer, the Nexus 7 2, which is all set to compete with Apple’s iPad Mini. As opposed to the previously launched tablet, the Nexus 7, the latest version comes with a much improved display packing in far more pixels per square inches than ever before. An added feature of the new Nexus 7 2 is its back facing camera which will ensure photography enthusiasts will have something to play around with. Google made the all-important announcement on Wednesday. Also, it’s Asus that continues to be Google’s manufacturing partner for the new Nexus 7 device as well.


New Neux 7 2 Specs

When it comes to processors, Tegra processors have been done away with. Instead, the latest processor to find its place inside the Google Nexus 7 2 is the LTE enabled 1.5 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad core chip mated to a 2 GB RAM. What this means is that Verizon, AT&T as well as T Mobile’s LTE can be the possible carriers of Google Nexus in the US while delivering scintillating peformance. The device can well run on Wi Fi too with its Wi Fi dual band. Needless to say, the Nexus 7 2 will also be shipping with Android Jelly Bean version 4.3.

ipad mini nexus 7

Apple iPad Mini Processor

In comparison, the iPad Mini too is available in LTE and Wi-Fi models. The iPad Mini is powered by Apple’s 1 Ghz dual core chip, A5 that also does duty on the iPad 2. This might make the chip seem a bit older though this should not let anyone into believing the iPad Mini to being a slouch. This, in spite of the fact that the iPad Mini comes with only 512 MB of RAM. As for its operating system, the Apple tablet runs iOS 6 but will soon be upgraded to iOS 7 when the latter is launched in September.

Display of iPad Mini and New Nexus 7

Coming to the display, Google have both upped the ante here so that the new Nexus 7 now comes with a 7 inch display having a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. Compare that to the 1024 x 768 pixels that lights up bigger 7.9 inch display of the iPad Mini and you know who is the winner here. With 323 pixels per inch for the Nexus 7, the iPad Mini offers half of that at 163 ppi.


Google has bid adieu to the 8 GB model, while sticking only to 16 GB and 32 GB versions along with cloud storage support for the additional storage. Customers can also store various other cloud storage apps in it as well. The iPad Mini is available in 16, 32 as well as a 64 GB model though both the competing tablet devices does not include micro SD card support.

Battery Consumption of Both the Tablets

On the issue of power consumption, Google has promised 10 hours of browsing and 9 hours of watching full HD videos. The iPad Mini can be considered to be a step ahead as it offers 10 hours of browsing as well as video playback time.

Nexus 7 Camera Compared to iPad Mini

On the issue of built-in camera, both the Nexus 7 2 as well as the iPad Mini are equally poised. Both feature a front and rear 1.2 mp and 5 mp camera setup. Both the tablet devices are capable of video recording in 1080p and 720p format via its rear and front camera respectively. As such, shooting Instagram photos and recording Vine videos is a lot more easier.

New Nexus 7 Price

Meanwhile, the Google Nexus 7 2 is also cheaper compared to Apple iPad Mini. The Nexus 7 is priced at $229 for the 16 GB version while the 32 GB version comes for $269. The iPad Mini is priced at $329 and $429 for the 16 GB 32 GB versions respectively. The Nexus 7 is expected to be out in the US from July 30th.


  1. Godfrey Hoya says

    Sorry google your product are nice but iam apple fun just waiting for the next iphone generation and ipads hoping that the ipad mini will be upgraded with retina display cant wait them.

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