iOS 6.1 Update On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Issues to be fixed by Apple Soon

Apple recently launched iOS update 6.1, but already owners of devices running the latest operating system version are complaining of bugs. The Cupertino company is reported to have acted quickly to solve problems within iOS 6.1, with strong reports suggesting a patch will be released within the coming week or two that will resolve issues.

iPhone and iPad owners have complained about a number of different problems with version 6.1, including the fact that it can be hacked by a third party. Other gripes include reports of severe battery drain, and issues with the Exchange, meaning many have been left underwhelmed by Apple’s latest OS.

The concerns seem to centre on Exchange, an email service used by all companies and brands across the globe. A bug has been found in iOS 6.1 that drains the battery whenever the calendar is changed within Exchange, obviously a less that suitable thing. The security issues arise from the fact that the latest iOS makes it possible for anyone to bypass a lock screen (even with password) to get to a device owners details, such as contacts.

Apple is moving quickly to clean up these issues, and it could release iOS 6.1.2 very soon, with reports suggesting it will land before February 20th. That would be a very quick turnaround for a patch after an update, but with the complaints about 6.1 rising, Apple has been forced to make some adjustments.

You may remember that when iOS 6 launched it came with its fair share of controversy. Apple’s Maps was a disaster that embarrassed the company and gave Google some free publicity, but all in all the iOS 6 operating system is very good. That means Apple will be eager to solve these early issues with version 6.1 as soon as possible before users become disgruntled.

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