Blackberry Z10 Problems of over heating, Rebooting: Even New BB 10 OS is not Helping

All smartphones, irrespective of the operating system- Android, iOS or Windows, tend to overheat. The Canadian Blackberrys have traditionally been known to be plagued with rebooting and reheating issues. With the advent of newer operating system and more efficient processors it was felt that the problem with Blackberry phones was under the carpet. However, Blackberry users are still facing those issues.

The new Blackberrys have been upgraded with QNX operating system and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 processors which are more efficient and quicker. In spite of these new features, you will find your Blackberry rebooting, locking up and overheating. This also reduces the 3 hour battery charge even further.

It is quite likely that this problem can be easily sorted out with an update. Blackberry Z10 is an advanced version of the Blackberry Curve or Bold and comes with BB10 OS for improved performance. With these new features, the new Blackberry Z10 should have been able to solve problems that have affected earlier models.

Blackberry users suddenly find the display of their phones going blank and the phone heating up tremendously. It then starts rebooting on its own. Users usually remove the battery to cool down the phone. It starts up normally but loses some amount of charge in the process. Users also have been frustrated with the short battery life which requires the phone to be charged regularly. Not only Blackberrys but other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy 2 and Sony X peria also suffer with this malady.

It seems that Blackberry Z10 will retain its old issues. Blackberry should soon come out with a Fix-it solutions so that users do not need to get their phones exchanged for new handsets or feel inconvenienced each time their phone goes on the blink.


  1. Charles Martin says

    I find this extremely hard to believe. I have had my Z10 for two weeks and have yet to turn it off. Each night before I go to bed I simply plug it in for a recharge. It hasn’t even crashed.

    I would consider myself a heavy user of this phone.

  2. chad says

    Who are these users that are having these issues? Can you provide a link to these complaints? There isn’t very much substance to your article. The z10 is a completely new phone with a new OS, not an update bold or curve or none of that sort. It’s battery lasts about the same as a galaxy s3 or iphone 5.

  3. Jamie says

    This article is flat out not true. I own a Z 10 and so do 3 people I know well and we haven’t experienced any of these problems. I also use my phone non stop and I get about 8 hours on a charge. My brother has an iphone 5 and his battery dies faster with the same usage. The Z 10 is a great piece of hardware and Blackberry 10 is the best OS on the market.

  4. Gary says

    “Blackberry Z10 is an advanced version of the Blackberry Curve or Bold”

    Seriously??? LOL…time to brush up on your research skills.

    “rebooting, locking up and overheating…reduces the 3 hour battery charge”

    Overheating is FAR from a common complaint for Z10’s and claiming 3 hour battery use is just assinine. After the first few days of use, most users get at least 6 hrs with heavy use…most get much more than that. I get 10-14 hours with mostly texting/emailing and a decent amount of browsing.

  5. Jamie says

    I have a Z 10, my brother has a Z 10 and 2 people he works with have the Z 10, my brother in law also has the new phone from Blackberry. Not one of us have had any of these issues talked about in this article. Either this is a flat out lie or they are taking a few examples and making to big a deal about it. I can tell you that the new blackberry OS and phones are amazing to use. Oh, only 3 of the 5 people I listed upgraded from an older blackberry. One was Samsung Galaxy S 2 and the other was an iphone 4.

  6. jrk says

    Compared to my older Bold, the new Z10 has nowhere near the battery life that I was used to. I didn’t make it through the day yesterday without it shutting down and it wasn’t on all the time.
    Will it improve as the phone ‘learns’ my patterns? Or maybe Blackberry has a fix in the works to help extend it beyond the eight to 10 hours I have seen?

  7. Magua says

    The article lacks veracity, no evidence to back the claims. Anyone can write about anything on the internet nowadays.

  8. nuts says

    Know nothin bout the z10, but my 8520 is as good as it is.. For normal use.. They may overuse or overclaim

  9. HabsGuy says

    I’ve been reading over Z10 user forms for months and this the first I heard any complain about these issues. My wife has the phone and we’ve never seen this problem. Curious where you did your research.

    • Niall Edwards says

      It is definitely happening although not necessarily to everyone. Just search for threads on ‘Z10 Restarts’.
      It is possible that you may not be aware that it has happened if you don’t have it set to enter a PIN/Password on restart.
      Mine used to restart about 4 times a week. Then I upgraded to 10.1 OS and now it does it 2 to 3 times per day.
      If you want to check on the last restart, paste the following into the Z10 browser:
      It will look like a blank white screen but in the top left hand corner in tiny text will be the date & time of the last reboot.

  10. rvichar says

    My phone is less than two weeks old. It is hitting 99 degrees browsing the web! I’m returning this pocket microwave.

  11. Audrius says

    My BB Z10 few months in and technically problem-free. Updated to 10.1 – no prob at all. Restarts could well be triggered by issues on provider’s side – like cellular services over via BIS/BES or just APN. I remember having random reboots when with BB Torch – there was a week without BIS plan and with Data On it crashed several times a day due to inability to connect to BIS. Once data off it all went to normal. Well with BB Z10 with no BIS for personal use necessary it could be an issue on the provider’s side.

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