Flir One Infrared Camera for iPhone 5/5s

Smartphones can offer a vast array of functions. But accessories increase the functionality as companies put new ideas to work. Technology which seemed suitable only for sophisticated scientific laboratory work becomes increasingly available to regular users. Flir, an Oregon based company specialized in thermal imaging since 1978, launched a smartphone accessory. Flir One is a thermal imaging device for Apple iPhone 5/5s. In clear dry weather, the camera has a range of approximately 100 feet. The infrared camera is positioned on an external case which serves as a protective case for your iPhone too. Considering the function offered by the accessory, the weight of only 3.9 ounces (110 grams) is hardly an issue. The case has a sleek form, so it will easily fit in your pockets. A 1400 mA/h battery will provide two hours of continuous use.

“Based on technology that was formerly reserved for the military, FLIR ONE is the first in a new generation of affordable thermal imaging devices designed to inspire imaginative and innovative uses by consumers. This represents a revolutionary step forward for both FLIR Systems and thermal imaging,” Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR System states.

Last week goTenna, another inventive smartphone accessory was unveiled. goTenna pairs with your smartphone and works as a messaging device similar to the classical walky talky. Paired with Flir one infrared camera, makes it the perfect outdoors enthusiast package.

Flir One infrared camera increases security and helps you improve your home

For starters, Flir indicates four major areas of applicability of the infrared camera. Flir One can help you improve your home by identifying heat loss, lack of energy efficiency and water leaks. For outdoors enthusiasts, Flir One serves as an instrument for night time wildlife observation, but it can help you find your lost pet. The infrared camera can help you increase your security by allowing you to spot intruders and see through light fog and smoke. Access to an infrared camera can also foster artistic creativity.

Flir One infrared camera is only compatible with the iPhone 5/5s

The Flir One app will be available in the Apple App Store and other apps like TimeLapse, Paint and Panorama are scheduled to be released soon. A SDK will be available soon after Flir ends the beta test with some carefully selected developers.

Starting with July 23, Flir One infrared camera is available for preorder for $349.99. The preordered units will be shipped from August 4 onwards. Unfortunately, Flir produces Flir One for iPhone 5/5s only. The company states it will analyze new mobile platform to determine if subsequent releases will be made available. Europeans will have access to Flir One beginning with mid-August.


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