Garmin Vivofit Fitness Tracker Will Keep You Fit For A Whole Year

garmin vivofit

Wearables are the latest invention as far as smart gadgets go. Either smartwatches or fitness trackers, these little pieces of technology can help us with our process of staying fit (or wanting to stay fit). The latest wearable device is the Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker that promises something we all wish from a wearable device: long battery life. The Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker’s most important feature is that its battery lasts for a whole year. That’s right! Not seven days like Fitbit, not three days like the Samsung tracker, but one whole year. As you know, a fitness tracker is useless if you don’t use it. And just when you’re in the middle of your jogging, having to find a place to plug it into a USB slot to recharge it can be a little discouraging.

The Garmin Vivofit tracker is also waterproof. You can shower and swim with it you want. This means that you can wear it all the time for a better tracking of your exercise program.

Another great feature that Garmin offers is its clasp mechanism. It’s basically a rubber strap (of different colors) that overlaps itself and can be held tight with holes and pegs. They snap together very easily and in a secure way. The clasp mechanism is another very important feature when you’re looking to buy a wearable device. It needs to be secure and sturdy since it’s meant for a whole day wearing.

Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker – great battery life

Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker has a screen where you can press a button and it will show you the miles you’ve walked, the steps you’ve taken, calories burned, time and date, etc. The screen also has a motivational feature that will help: when you’re standing still for too long, the bright red bar on the screen grows longer. You need to do some walking in order to reset the bar to zero again. It’s a great reminder to put us back on track when we tend to get lazy.

The Garmin Vivofit fitness tracker works with wireless heart-rate monitors, the one that you can strap around your chest while you exercise. In order to keep the battery going for so long, the Garmin tracker had to compromise a little: the screen doesn’t light up, you can only see it when there is enough light in the room. Something like the Kindle E ink.


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