The News Is Out: Google Android TV Is On Its Way

google android tv

Just like with smartphones, tablets, cameras, apps and other smart gadgets, the world of smart streaming services is getting increasingly crowded. Last week, Amazon launched their new streaming box called the Fire TV, a gizmo which lets you stream popular TV shows, play games, watch photos and even lets you karaoke right on your TV set. As you know, the Fire TV was not the first streaming box on the market. The other important competitors are Apple TV and Roku. But since there is no party without Google, the news is that a Google Android TV is in the making. The plans for releasing their own streaming box have just been revealed from unofficial sources to an online magazine. Of, course no one is really surprised but we’re wondering if Google will come up with something new in the field of streaming boxes, where there is a fierce competition.

What can Google Android TV bring new so that consumers will choose it over Amazon’s Fire TV, Apple TV or Roku? They all do essentially the same things: they send content to televisions through their channels, except for Roku that doesn’t have a direct channel. But they all have similar features like access to Hulu and Netflix.

Google Android TV – fun and fast, Google Says

The people from Google say that the new Android TV is more of an entertaining interface than a computing platform. They also said that their new streaming box will be “cinematic, fun, fluid and fast.” Just like Amazon’s Fire TV, Google Android TV will have a vocal command support and will focus on finding content easily. Google says that it shouldn’t take more than 3 clicks from the home screen to watching the desired content. That sounds pretty fast and we really hope this will be one of their TV’s highlights.

There aren’t many details revealed about the Google Android TV but we will definitely keep you posted on any updates.

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