HP To Enter Smartphone Business – Google Android could be the OS

HP has stated they will be back soon to compete in the burgeoning smartphone segment. And guess what platform they are hinging all their efforts on when they embark on their smartphone adventure. Its Google Android of course which must be the most logical decision going by the popularity the mobile platform now enjoys. HP though has very limited choice here as the only other viable option to go for would have been the Windows Phone 8 OS which has among the lowest market penetration right now. In comparison, Android is among the leading operating system is use with the largest number of mobile phones now getting launched.

hp smartphone

However, HP’s eagerness to be in the smartphone game is nothing new. HP’s CEO Meg Whitman had spoken of such a thing back in the fourth quarter of last year itself. It’s just than a senior HP executive, Yam Su Yin who happens to be the company’s senior director for consumer PCs and media tablets in Asia has once again reiterated while speaking to the Indian Express that it makes a lot sense to be in the smartphone business. More so when it can be a steady source of revenue for the company. However, he wasn’t forthcoming with any other details which include a particular time frame or the price segment they wish to compete in.

HP’s earlier tablet venture had ended in a disaster when they had to engage in a fire sale to get rid of the WebOS based tablet, the TouchPad. After a brief hiatus, the company is back in the tablet game with a budget Android tablet, the $169 priced Slate 7. In fact, HP never had the going good in the mobile connected devices segment comprising of smartphones, tablets and such which seems to emerging stronger than any other forms of computing. Its WebOS venture bombed and left the company bleeding, which made them to seek recluse in their core business areas of laptops and PCs. Having earned enough breathing space there, venturing out to other business segment makes the next logical step.

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