HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 – HTC Sales doing better than S4

HTC One is doing better than Samsung Galaxy S4 though it doesn’t seem so outwardly. The conclusion comes from the first month sales data released by HTC and Samsung. To be more precise, the analysis differentiates “shipped” and “sold” units, explaining that people are assuming that Galaxy S4 is doing better because it has shipped 10 million units.


HTC has been battling with employee departures and the flop of HTC First, its Facebook Phone. Nevertheless, it has been upbeat about the performance of HTC One, its flagship device. Despite issues related to anodizing processes for the black version of the device and delays in obtaining parts, HTC announced that it sold 5 million units of HTC Once since its launch. Had there been no issues, the sales number would have been greater.

Coming to Galaxy S4, Samsung announced that it shipped 10 million units in its first month, but how much of the shipped devices have sold out? It is said that less than half the shipments have been sold, nowhere near the sales number of the almost-retiring iPhone 5. So, HTC One, with its 5-million sales-number is outperforming Galaxy S4 by a marginal number.

HTC One’s sales volume can be attributed to strong reviews about its all-metal profile. The iPhone 5’s main selling point has been its metal-glass design, which explains why HTC is being well received. Galaxy S4 is available on five major U.S. carriers namely, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and US cellular, whereas HTC One is offered on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, though a Verizon edition has been rumored.

Samsung is noted for leading overall Android phone sales. HTC One’s marginal outperformance may be temporary, so it may not be great news for HTC. But, Samsung will probably take it serious.


  1. Old_Norm says

    Who said, ” It is said that less than half the shipments have been sold?” Who told you that?

  2. Old_Norm says

    Please provide the source of the statement that “To be more precise, the analysis differentiates “shipped” and “sold” units”. What analysis? You don’t seem to be aware that shipped means that the phones were “sold” to the carriers. Samsung nor HTC sells phones directly to consumers .Samsung and HTC will not receive any more money when the phones are sold to a consumer. So when Samsung says they sold 10 million phones that is exactly what they did. To get accurate consumer sales figures the carriers would have to report the numbers not the manufactures.

    • Illusive Man says

      Well we can’t compare them that way. Samsung might ship more S3-4s but Apple sales more to consumers. Which one do you think is more important when analyzing consumer attitudes?

      • Old_Norm says

        Would you like to provide a source for the authors implication that HTC “sold” 5 million units means 5 million units went to the consumer? And the subject is HTC sales vs Galaxy S4 sales. Neither company sells directly to the consumer like Apple does. What on earth do iPhone sales have to do with it? By the way HTC has not released any sales figures. The author of this article doesn’t even have her facts straight.

          • juandelacruz says

            @old_norm, htc sells straight to consumers also not just carriers. here in the ph, carriers don’t even have the htc one’s yet. and the fact that here in the ph, retail htc one’s keep getting sold out while GS4’s keeps getting price cuts (17% cut from original retail price as of the moment) does explain that demand is weaker than supply for gs4s :)

          • Old_Norm says

            Samsung also sells directly to consumers in some countries. I’ll take you at your word about the PH. But what has that got to do with world wide sales? In my hometown the HTC is sitting on the shelves while the S4 is hard to get. Would you make a statement about what phone is selling best world wide based on that? Of course net. But you are missing the point. The author stated several things as facts. I know they are not factual but if she has some proof of her claims i will be the first to acknowledge that her article is completely correct. But rest assured, she will not provide any evidence to support her claims because she can’t. This was a very poorly written article that no one who had completed Journalism 101 would have written.

          • Isi says

            obviously your town doesn’t explain the whole market situation. the truth is Samsung tried to make headlines on 10 Million phones shipped but how much longer it takes to sell those 10 million units is a question. Carriers lowering GS4 price means the demand is lower than expected.

          • Old_Norm says

            I have seen no evidence that Samsung didn’t sell 10 million phones and neither do you. The Market analysts said they would sell 80 million. Then the market analysts lowered that figure by about 20% That is where the issue of phone sales comes in. Not whether they sold 10 million or not. And if you think lower prices indicates lower demand then you would have to agree that HTC has seen demand for their phones shrink considerably. After all they are offering a one day sale of their phones for $79. Samsung isn’t doing that.

  3. Andy says

    Look at all l the Samsung fanboys jumping for facts , you guys would spill blood for Samsung wouldnt you ? Glad to see competition in android the s3 was far overrated .

  4. Chris Harris says

    Wow, Samsung fans just cant wait to blow up anything that puts their plastic toy phones down. How about we talk about Samsung paying people to give the HTC One a poor review? lol

    • Old_Norm says

      I guess you and factual statement are unacquainted. Grow up. Stupid, dumb and making ridiculous comments on the internet are no way to go through life son.

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