iPad Mini 2 Release Date may Emerge in mid-August

The iPad Mini 2, which holds bright prospects for Apple, is to be released in mid-August, according to TechRadar. Even after the launch of the landmark iOS 7 at the WWDC on June 10th, Apple’s stocks have been dwindling. The Mac Pro and MacBook Air 2013 released in the same event had no effect on Apple’s stock status either.

Apple is desperately looking to keep pace with its competitors to reverse the downward trend of its stock market status. Statistics show that Apple stocks have fallen 40 percent over the past eight months or so. Analysts believe that the release of the new iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6 would help reverse the trend.


Experts have put across various strategies that Apple could adopt to market its iPad Mini 2. A Citi Research analyst has predicted that Apple will keep the iPad Mini 2 price low, when compared to the current iPad Mini, which bears a price tag of $329. A KGI Securities analyst predicted a delayed launch – a September-November launch – for the iPad Mini 2, citing technical issues in mass production.

Earlier reports said that the new iPad Mini will launch with the iPad 5. Eventually, rumors on the iPad Mini 2’s release date took a different direction and the iPad 5 was anticipated at the recently held WWDC. However, after the iPad 5 missed WWDC, analysts are expecting its launch to take on Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is expected at a June 20th event.

Apple fans are eagerly waiting to see the iPad Mini 2’s touted Retina display, which is expected to come with a screen-resolution of 2048 x 1536, nearly four times the current iPad Mini’s resolution. The display will use Sharp’s IGZO technology. Other noteworthy specs include a dual core A7 processor, FaceTime HD camera and iSight camera.

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