iPhone 6 Release Date Rumors – Availability, Display, Design and Features Discussed

The iPhone model that seems nearest to us right now is the 5S version though its iPhone 6 that too is turning out to be equally popular among the rumor mongers. Apple has had a great last quarter which saw the Cupertino based company push no less than a thumping 37.4 million units of the iPhone. What this means is that Apple is already past the ‘been there, done that’ thing with the current iPhone 5 and internally, the focus is certainly on the new upcoming models. And it’s here that the iPhone 6 seems to be turning out to be more significant than the iPhone 5S.


Now before anyone starts getting carried away too much, the iPhone 6 is not likely to be released this year. Surely, all of this is still based on the slippery tracts of rumor world, though past experience has made us to believe it is the iPhone 5S that should be coming out this year itself. The iPhone 6 can be expected only in 2014 and it would come with a fresh design and bigger screen making the product even more attractive than its present siblings.

In view of this, what seems likely is that it is the iPhone 6 that most seems to be waiting for, particularly those who are still covered under contract with their carrier with the iPhone 5. This gives further credence to Apple delaying the release of the iPhone 6 to next year so that users who purchased the iPhone 5 get to live out the entire period of the contract. There does exist a clamor for the iPhone 6 which seems bigger than the iPhone 5S. In fact many want Apple to scrap iPhone 5S altogether and launch the iPhone 6 variant instead. While its only time that can tell whether it is the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 that is coming our way, presented here are some of the biggest rumor stories concerning the future iPhone variant.


Vodafone had listed the iPhone 6 in their website for a short while. The device was supposed to be having 4G capability and the 12M tag was placed before the supposedly iPhone 6. That does not seem to be a correct information now and it could have been an iPhone 5S that was being displayed. It is the year 2014 that is considered most probable for the iPhone 6 to be launched as per most analysts. There is for example Glen Yeung from Citi Research who caps the release of the iPhone as early 2014.

For those who are planning to buy the iPhone 5S would therefore need to rethink if they consider the Glen prediction to be true. Buying a 5S this fall when the next iPhone 6 is to be released soon thereafter gives lot of subject to rethink.

Another analyst from Jeffries, Peter Misek predicts the release date of the iPhone 6 to be June 2014.  Ming-Chi Kuo, who is known for his analysis of Apple devices has not mentioned anything about the iPhone 6 and only talks about the 5S model.

Apple has learnt from the release of its iPad 4 which it had done in October that messing with a one year gap between each of its new launches could lead to angry consumers. Consumers who would have just purchased a model will surely be pissed off to find a newer one in the market soon thereafter. For these reasons the release of iPhone 6 in the market soon after the iPhone 5S seems quite remote.


When the iPhone is released, we can be sure it would come with a higher resolution type than anything we have seen so far. Then of course there is also the aspect of the display gaining on size as well. The overall experience of the device would sure be worth all the word and wait.

Tim Cook at the AllThings D event spoke about the philosophy that Apple follows in its design or making of their devices. In his words the screen size was going to be something that makes the difference. He also left the attendees at the conference with a question of, whether there was market large enough for Apple.

On the display feature, there is a rumor from Wei Feng Network about the iPhone 5S to come equipped with a display that boasts of retina+ display, something that would double the pixel count than the present iPhone variant. This would be the stepping stone for the transition to the larger screen for Apple, if it is true. There have been reports in December 2012 also about the iPhone 6 being a larger sized display while also being of a higher resolution also.

Tim Cook has been known to speak aloud on the issue of how company like Apple dislikes coming up with devices that are thicker and heavier just to ensure that the screen is larger and crisper. This is what he terms as the trade off such company’s go for. Apple however would learn from LG that has announced a new display that measures 5.2 inches in size and is fully HD capable. All of this while measuring just 2.2 mm thick. Easier grip as LG claims and other such aspects makes this technology something which Apple could emulate.


There are hints that Apple maybe contemplating such adaption’s to their devices coming out in 2014. They are, for one, coming up with their latest iOS7 OS which has all the ingredients embedded in it to support large screens. The iOS 7 slated for release this summer is a change that Apple must be bringing in to take them through the next few years.

The thin by width feature can also be expected to be incorporated in the iPhone 6. The talk of the phone coming with no home button on it would mean the larger screen feature is a surety. Being water resistant is another feature which the iPhone 6 could be coming with. There are phones from Samsung and Sony which has this feature and the phones have not traded off for thickness to include this feature. Various inputs about the iPhone 6 from Apple are giving new dimension to this much awaited smartphone.

Then there is also the fingerprint reader that would be either be incorporated on the iPhone 5S and if not so then for sure on the iPhone 6. This could add to the security aspect of the Apple phones of the future. So far as networking goes, the standard is going to be 802.11 ac Wi-Fi for the iPhone 6 and thereafter. A 64 GB as the standard storage capacity can also come with the iPhone 5S and then on. If not on the iPhone 5S then the iPhone 6 would sure have it. Support for NFC, which had been discontinued could be back. There is however some chance of this feature not there in case iOS 7 with its AirDrop feature and the usage of barcodes for payment systems by Apple is successfully implemented.

Such talks and rumors would only build up with time as this is a device that had many eyes and ears waiting to read and know about.

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