Motorola pumping out 100,000 Moto X units per week


The Moto X hit a mixed response when it was announced, most reviewers loved it but comments were made about the price, specs and camera not being up to scratch. Essentially Motorola decided to add mid-range specs for surplus in battery life.

Motorola has kept quiet about sales announcements until now, CEO Dennis Woodside announced their Fort Worth, Texas factor is making about 100,000 units per week – pretty good considering they only supply in North America.

Apple and Samsung pump out millions of units per day when their flagship launch happens, but this is a smartphone going to more than one hundred countries on multitudes of carriers. The Moto X is currently offered on five carriers, in two countries.

In this respect, the Moto X is doing incredibly well and may actually be providing Motorola with some progress in the US, considering Apple, Samsung and HTC now dominate the market.

The Moto X could be doing a lot better at home, if Motorola were to offer the Moto Maker customisation tool out to every carrier in the US, we believe there would be more demand for the smartphone.

Motorola has spoke about a global launch, according to some rumors a low cost version of the Moto X will be released sometime soon. The question is will we ever see the Moto X in the UK, Europe or Asia or will Motorola continue to keep it in North America.

For now it seems the Moto X will stay in the US, carriers are bringing down prices for the phone weekly, with Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular already stepping away from the $199 contract price.

There have been rumors Google will work with Motorola for the new Nexus device and it will be based off the Moto X, with beefier internals and no “on contract” price. Google will sell the Moto Nexus on Google Play for around the same price as the Nexus 4.

This rumors has been hit with some questions, especially considering the LG Nexus 5 has been leaked quite a few times and Google has shown a video of what appears to be the new Nexus smartphone. There may be two in the wild or Google may be working on a special project with Motorola.

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