Nokia Lumia 1020 vs Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 – Can Nokia Defeat Samsung and Apple?

The new Nokia Lumia 1020 is going to be introduced in the smartphone world very soon. It is going to be the next big phone from Nokia to taken on the giants like Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. Will the Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia 1020 sell more than current market leaders like Galaxy S4, HTC One and iPhone 5? The Lumia 1020 comes with a 41MP camera and host of new apps onboard. Still, it does not offer one of the most preferred photo sharing app like Instagram.

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The Galaxy S4 is already ruling the market and it does not seem any other phone that are going to be released such as the LG G2, HTC One Max or Galaxy Note 3 are going to disturb the sales of Galaxy S4. However, the manufactures at Nokia have packed in 41MP PureView technology camera. And we can say that finally Nokia has started making top of the line smartphones to really take on market giants.

One of the major problems associated with the Windows Phone 8 OS compared to Android and iOS is that it has got very less apps in its store. Also, there is a lack of proper support from developers. Whenever a new app is to be launched, mostly the app makes debut on iOS and then it comes to Android. Hence, still many well-known apps are yet to be available for Windows Phone. Developers take around one to two years to launch apps for Windows Phone.

Surely Nokia wants to divert the attention by offering the best possible camera compared to any other smartphone can offer. The 41 MP camera is capable of snapping stunning photos and it comes with plenty of camera features. For instance, the Dual Capture feature allows you to snap photos at two different resolutions simultaneously. It means you can snap two separate photos of 38MP and 5MP at the same time. The former type of photo can be used for editing purpose whereas the latter type can be used for uploading on social networking sites.


The Nokia Lumia 1020’s camera comes with six powerful lenses from Carl-Zeiss. It is also supported by two kinds of flash, namely LED flash and Xenon flash. Undoubtedly, the Lumia 1020 can capture good resolution photos in dim lighting conditions. Even the HD quality videos recorded with Lumia 1020 appear sharper and crisper.

The other features of the Nokia Lumia 1020 include 4.5inch PureMotion HD+ AMOLED display. The horsepower of the phone comes from the 1.5GHz dual-core CPU and 2GB RAM. There is Adreno 225 GPU Onboard, 32GB inbuilt storage space and 2000mAh battery. The battery seems to be less on capacity but it is only when the phone is officially we can provide you with hands-on review on Nokia Lumia 1020 and its battery life.

Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO claims that the Lumia 1020 is very challenging phone. In US, the phone is going to be first released on the AT&T network. This means the biggest cellular carrier of US, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile are not going to sell the phone when it is going to be launched. The competitors of Lumia 1020, the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and BlackBerry Z10 are all available at attractive prices across major cellular network providers of US.

If you checkout the deal offered by AT&T, you may be surprised to see a Nokia phone being sold at such an expensive price tag. In order to sign-up a two year agreement with AT&T for Lumia 1020, you will have to pay a huge down payment of 299.99. The price is definitely not reasonable. In fact, buyers will be spending $100 as down payment compared to the price that was offered for HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, and Galaxy S4 when they were launched.

Another problem with the Lumia 1020 is that the 32GB internal storage is quite small. Since it is a phone that has got powerful camera and amazing HD+ display, you will be loading the internal storage space with lots of snapped photos, videos along with a HD movie and some songs to enjoy on your phone. This way your 32GB internal storage will be full in no time. It lacks external microSD storage space. Instead, Nokia is offering cloud service. You can simply snap your photos and you can upload them on cloud.

What we feel is that the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a very competitive piece of hardware. However, in order to attract new app developers, it needs to sell more devices. Currently, the phone is being offered only by AT&T. With only carrier offering the Lumia 1020 and that too at an expensive price, it will be very difficult for Nokia to sell maximum number of Lumia 1020 phones right from the day it will be launched.

In US and also in most places of the world, the most preferred mobile platform operating system is Android and then it is closely followed by iOS from Apple. The third spot is taken by BlackBerry which released the newest version i.e. BlackBerry 10 in this year. And then comes Windows Phone in the ranking. It is a clear sign that the Lumia phones are not doing any good to Nokia as well as Windows Phone.


  1. Phillip says

    If you are going to write for a website about an American product coming soon, shouldn’t you know English fairly well? I feel like that should be a prerequisite but reading this proves otherwise.

    And saying it takes two years to get apps on WP is misleading at best. It takes minimal effort to port an app over, but with the market share how it is, some developers don’t want to support the ecosystem. Others do. So it just depends; putting a timeline to it is meaningless.

    I can’t wait for this phone. I switched from Sprint just to get it.

  2. Josemon Philip says

    In every review…always mentioning less apps..
    My suggestion-the reviewer must write which all apps are missing…

    • Peter Bänziger says

      There are about 600’000 missing. Out of which there are:

      – Some useful apps for which alternatives exist (Sonos, etc)

      – Some less useful apps for which alternatives exist (Instagram, etc)

      – Some apps that are an alternative to a website (online banking)

      – Duplicates, i.e. Windows Phone has not as many differentg flashlight apps.

      – Some apps that shouldn’t ever have been released to the world

      – Very few actually useful applications (There were some examples I knew of, but they are all available now)

      – Quite a few games

      So if reviewers say “No apps” it actually means “Not as many games as the other platforms”.

  3. says

    Apps are missing,apps are delayed,apps are not good.Is there anything else by which a good phone is judged.Also does this Apps shortage in anyway affect the useability of this phone,Nokia has given you all the apps needed for photography including the new smart cam plus you you have the office suit and best in class Navgational Apps from Nokia also Windows Market is growing with many quality apps allready in place and many more comming so please stop this NONSENSE and JUDGE WITH THE REAL THINGS LIKE PERFORMANCE AND HARDWARE.

    • shiva bharani says

      Ya u r right.. with out app N9 stays in many pockets… Also 808.. So for sure Apps is not going to stop the sale for Lumia 1020.. There may be Millions of App But what a individual will install is around 30 to 50 Maximum.. Market is being diverted in the Name of apps..

  4. robmxa says

    Even though “it has got very less apps in its store” It has a lot of apps and some of them NO other phone has like a 41 MP camera. This is a professional grade camera. The only other cameras it should be compared to are DSLR’s.

    There is NO question, this is THE phone to have. Nokia is headed back to #1. And it is now in #3 position. Nokia has sold more smartphones than Blackberry.

    • Yuan Taizong says

      True, as for the apps in the competitor’s store, ¿can they really beat Nokia Pro Camera? I think not.

    • dig48109 says

      Professional grade? 41MP doesn’t mean professional grade sir.

      Canon 5D Mark III is 22.3 MP and the Nikon 800e is 36 MP

      Professional grade cameras are about quality of the glass, size optics for resolving power, size of the senor (photosite), ISO sensitivity. Megapixels are NOT a measure of professional grade camera. Any working photographer will tell you that.

      That being said, the Nokia Pureview senor based on 808 will be an excellent camera phone

      • robmxa says

        The Nokia has good glass and I predict that most professional photographers will have a 1020 in their kit. IMO this makes the 1020 THE professional grade camera phone. Worked with many professional photographers in NYC for 25 years and had, for example, an 11 x 14″ camera that we had to custom order a lens for. Rather have the 1020 in my pocket. And I have had hands on with the 1020. Awesome camera. Would buy it if it had no phone.

  5. Uzin says

    While Nokia 1020 is yet to arrive in the battle field, for now Galaxy S4 has already left behind iPhone 5 in a Face-off. Visit: BRAND COLLAGE

  6. BraggingBob says

    In the US, people buy based on specs. 41MP is a meaningful spec but at a hefty price tag. They would rather bring along a point-n-shoot camera and predict when they need it. Also, 1.5GHz dual-core does not match today’s standards for a high-end phone. I will pass on the 1080 and any WP8 for that matter.

  7. Yuan Taizong says

    Samsung doesn’t have what it takes to stay on top, it’s arrogance will be it’s undoing, people laugh at Windows Phone (mostly Samsung, by not marketing the Samsung ATIV S, the first Windows Phone 8 on the market), by saying it will NEVER sell, and that no-one will program apps for it because there is no audiance, while Nokia has proven that a lot of high-end app makets are very willing to invest in this growing ecosystem of Windows & Xbox. Nokia has a lot of chances to be #1 again, and their marketing strategy is more important to their phones than the O.S. it runs, if they had Android it would’ve been the same, simply because Nokia doesn’t market enough, and in those U.S. most of their phones are way too exclusive.

    The iPhone is a joke, all of its power comes from its App Store and that’s only because it’s ”a hype” to buy an iPhone in those U.S.A. and China, but real trouble comes when this hype is over, this is what happened to Blackberry, you saw Blackberries on every commercial, in every film, and wherever you turned your head, but now the iPhone has done that, and if D.C. Comics’ films are an indication, Windows Phone is moving this way too 😛

    The iPhone’s apps are mostly paid apps, Google Play is 50% video-games, if Microsoft would combines the Xbox One’s Xbox LIVE Marketplace with the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store and attract Indie Game makers and try to find as many as possible game designers who want to make free-games for the platforms, it would attract way more people, if you would have every game in Google Play on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, Android would crumble in a matter of days. Xbox LIVE for Windows (both as the Xbox LIVE Games app and the Desktop’s Games for Windows – LIVE) has some unique games no Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device could play, some of these games should be considered Killer Apps by themselves, Microsoft’s Halo is one of them, and Microsoft’s the Gunstringer and many more, I can see the Xbox easily uplifting Windows & Windows Phone, especially through Xbox LIVE Cloud-services.

    Windows Phone is ambitious and so is Nokia, having a better camera wasn’t the only thing they have, they secured a load of killer apps for Windows Phone, some of which they’ve designed themselves, this is why I’m moving from H.T.C. to Nokia, because Nokia has way better apps, Huawei and Samsung’s apps for Windows Phone are a joke, and the Samsung ATIV S is just a stripped-down Samsung Galaxy running Windows Phone, and the H.T.C. Windows phone 8X is great, but it still lacks behind most high-end Nokia Lumia devices. Nokia has the upperhand on the Windows Phone market, and it soon will have the upper hand in the hardware market in general.

    If Windows itself would grow, and it would fuse its app store with the Windows Phone Store, it could easily size up to around 300.000 combined (by January next year), and they could easily fill it with 500.000 video-games if the Xbox One would hit the domestic U.S. market, which could attact countless of video-game designers, hoping to make cross-platform games, at first the free games will make the app list higher, but later paid games will become such a successful industry on Xbox LIVE that Indie Games will dominate both the Xbox One and Windows Phone, depending on how Microsoft arranges the fusion, there is already one Windows Core, one Windows Store is not far-fetch’d.

    Of-course, people will see the Nokia Lumia 1020 as just a Camera-Phone, but it already beats practically every camera on the market, as it ushers in a ”post-camera era”, it could lay the stones for the ”post-iPhone and -Android era’s” that will make Windows Phone bigger, Android will probably still be the majority, but Windows Phone shall take between 20 and 30 % of the global market-share.

    It all depends on how Nokia will market this Phone, this has always been Samsung’s and Apple’s strenght, Marketing, no matter how it will go, Nokia will easily gain a large market-share because of this awesome phone.

  8. Tarn says

    Sorry robxma but you are very mistaken. DSLRs get their quality from their large sensor size. The sensor on the Nokia is a third of the size of the 16 mega pixel Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Samsung also features Android 4.2 jelly bean, one of the most powerful OS in the handheld market. Also the Samsung has 10x OPTICAL zoom so no pixelation when you zoom in. The S4 is one of the best phones in the world and the lumia doesn’t feature at all. Add a few gimmicks to the lungs and you’re left with a joke while Samsung is changing the electronic market forever.

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