Opera Launching Opera Ice for iOS, Android

Opera has revealed that it is preparing a new web browser for Android and iOS platforms that is referred to as Opera Ice.This is still in development and
will focus on smartphone and tablets.You will get to see rich applications with minimum use of buttons and tabs.

The new mobile browser will get launched sometime in February.The company’s engine Presto will be replaced with the Safari.The announcement was made last December during a closed company meeting,but there is already a video showing Opera Ice in action.

Opera Ice is built completely around gestures,and replaces tabs with a grid of site icons and makes use of swipes in place of the common navigation.In the main menu you will find unified search and URL field and there is a single menu button when actually browsing.However, Ice won’t replace the existing Opera Mini browser that will still get developed.


Opera Mobile browser had made a name for itself before Android took off and was used on Windows Mobile devices like HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond.Opera mini makes use of compression technology that allows the Opera’s servers to handle the heavy lifting.

Opera Ice is a complete touch and tablet centered browser.It is apparent that Opera wants to conceal the actual browser as much as possible,allowing the user to navigate using gestures instead of buttons.One can access new pages by either typing in the URL or making use of the browser’s search function.For example, to bookmark a page,you simply need to tap the screen and drag the icon to the home screen.

Opera Ice will let in a new phase and will focus on getting better and stronger products for iOS and Android as these are the two leading platforms the phones are being sold for.The new browser will turn up on both the mobile platforms first and we might see it on the Windows Phone platform too in the upcoming months.

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