The Piper Camera Becomes a Shipping Product

piper camera

In case you aren’t interested so much in home security systems and independent technological projects usually crowd-funded with the help of Kickstarter or Indiegogo, then you might not know many things about the Piper camera, an outstanding innovation in the field of home automation cameras, but since there are fresh news that the Piper camera becomes a shipping product, you might want to learn a few things about it.

The Piper camera’s background and features

The Piper camera project started on Indiegogo and turned into a world – wide success, proving once again, if it was still necessary, that some of the greatest technological advancements come more from ambitious, passionate, visionary teams of developers who put their faith in the funds gathered from other tech – savvy people and less from powerful tech brands that take ages to build something new. But back to the Piper camera, the device is a small plastic videocamera which you can place inside the house, on a shelf or a ceiling and then monitor everything that is going on in the house via your mobile phone, be it IOS or Android. What is the catch, you might ask, as there are already other phone – cell Internet connected cameras out there. Well, let us sum up the Piper’s main features:

– it has an 180 degrees range, seeing the whole room, directly to its right and left and also above and below it.

– it allows you to zoom in (at 10X nonetheless) an area in the room thus flattening the scene and scrolling around (VR – like), all with the little effort of using your fingers on the smartphone’s screen.

– it allows you to split the main screen into four different ones, each of them subjective to zooming and scrolling independently, offering you the control of four cameras set in different corners of a room.

– you can “train” Piper to notify you whenever something is going on, according to your rules: call you if it senses moving in the house while you are away or text message you if it hears loud noises. It also has some interesting settings, like checking the temperature indoors and outdoors and notify you depending on your wishes

The best feature now that the Piper camera becomes a shipping product?

Hold your breath: it is compatible with Z-Wave gadgets – the standard in home – automation security, allowing you to have window and door sensors, deafening alarms, remote-controlled home appliances and lights, you name it. Together with the Piper camera, the Z – Wave security accessories just turned into one of the best and most efficient systems available.

The Piper camera becomes a shipping product for $240 if you buy it from their website, but if you finally decided that you need state of the art house security with only a smartphone and a Wi – Fi connection, you may want to look into the offer packages that bring you together with the camera also some cool Z – Wave accessories. The Piper camera has still more room to be upgraded and improved, but so far, it looks like a solid and successful product in the home security niche.

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