Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Comparative Analysis Of The Android OS Phones

The new Galaxy S4 has arrived finally, but the million dollar question is whether it’s really worth paying the extra money to upgrade your phone to S4just for the heck of high-quality HD resolution?
Sure thing, it marks a few improvements over new Galaxy S3, but S4 still looks strikingly similar to S3, and it also has a higher power appetite too!

So, here’s a quick comparison of Galaxy S4 vs. Galaxy Grand, and other Samsung smartphones; see if it’s really worth your money!

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung Galaxy S4

Both the Phones are available with 3G (HSPDA/CDMA) and Edge/2G (GSM/GPRS). You can also see that 4G (LTE/HSPA+) connectivity is available only on new S4 and not on the Galaxy Grand.

When it comes to user interface new S4 is powered by touchwiz and Galaxy Grand is powered by the regularly Android interface, so S4 indeed offers something better, but remember that you may about 40% higher price for the same.

Noteworthy Features
When it comes to features, you can see DLNA, GPS Navigation, and all the essential features on both the phones. You don’t get the default FM receiver on Galaxy S4 whilegraphics accelerator, infrared blaster, and HD Playback are missing in case of Galaxy Grand.

Both these smartphones feature a whole lot of stuff including Accelerometer, Digital Compass, GPS, and Gyroscope in common on both the phones.
You will also find Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and Multi Touch on both the phones. But, you won’t find Barometer, Thermometer, and Humidity on Galaxy Grand, which are additionally available on Galaxy S4.

Galaxy S4 features a 4.9 inch screen and Galaxy Grand features a 5 inch screen. Technology used in the display on S4 is Super AMOLED, whereas it’s TFT in case of the Galaxy Grand.

Screen resolution on S4 is 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and on Grand it is 800 x 480 pixels, which means S4 has a HD-display, while the Grand doesn’t!

Camera Quality
When it comes to S4, you can see a 2 mega pixel camera on the front and a powerhouse 13 mega pixel camera on the rear, whereas Galaxy Grand offers a 2 mega pixel secondary front-facing camera, and 8 mega pixel primary camera.

Wireless Connectivity
You get all the wireless technologies on S4 ranging from 3G, Bluetooth, 4G, Infrared, NFC, to WiFi, and Mobile Hotspot Tethering. You get most of these on Grand, except Infrared, and 4G.

Memory Capacity
Storage capacity in new S4 starts from 16 GB, whereas on Galaxy Grand it starts at 4 GB, and both the phones come with Micro SD slot, allowing the memory capable to be extended up to 64 GB.
Is It Worth Your Money?

Well, if you go gaga over the HD display, and don’t mind spending a good deal of money on smartphones every now and then, go ahead and upgrade to S4 by all means, but if you’re a conservative buyer, then I’d strongly advise you against buying the S4.
Furthermore, its price is likely to come down over next few months, so even if you plan on buying it, wait for at least a few weeks!

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