Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2 Android Jelly Bean Update (4.2.2) Soon to Roll Out

What makes Samsung Galaxy Note even more interesting and better is the Jelly Bean update the gadget is getting. This would introduce some great features in the device that is bound to raise the popularity of the gadget. Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as Samsung Galaxy Note is getting updates for Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

There is info on Jelly Bean 4.2 feature listed by Samsung Ukraine. There are claims that the update will follow Samsung Galaxy Note in March and will later head towards the Samsung Galaxy S2. One can browse Verizon for more updates on Jelly Bean.

Although Galaxy Note got updated to Jelly Bean 4.1 earlier this year but many S2 owners are still waiting for the update. And now with the possibility of Android 4.2 rolling out for Samsung Galaxy S2, it has left many surprised.

Samsung has been able to expand the newer OS roll-out in certain regions and stated that the original Note will benefit from the update. Android 4.1.2 update is available for update on GT-N7000 model in Trinidad and Tobago, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Germany and Taiwan. But there are still many who are still waiting for the update and haven’t been so lucky.

Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy S2 were launched with the Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread and got Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update soon. Both the devices got updated to Android 4.1.2 and now moving on to the version 4.2.2.

There have been discussions in the past couple of months for the next major update of Android OS, the Android 5.0 Lime Pie. The much-anticipated and forthcoming Android version is likely to be pronounces at the imminent Google IO, that is already on its way on a number of Samsung devices.

However, Samsung is rolling out Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean updates for some of its devices including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2. Currently, this seems to be the final update for these gadgets.


  1. Michael Moser says

    How can one get these updates? Here in Switzerland (carrier: Sunrise) we are still stuck with Android 4.0.3 which has some most annoying bugs (WLAN crashes, Contacts crashes, GPS not properly updating, and, and, and)! It’s so frustrating to read that others already got 4.0.4 or even 4.1.x! Who controls this???

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