Xbox 720 May 21 Release Date to Feature XBox Playing without Internet!

Rumors that Microsoft’s next Xbox, which is already being called Xbox 720 will function only in the presence of an Internet connection are no longer a matter of concern. Based on an internal Microsoft email sent to Xbox engineers, Ars Technica has reported that you can play the new Xbox, codenamed Durango, without Internet.

Microsoft recognizes that many of its users are interested in playing without an Internet connection, and the upcoming Xbox will fulfill their desire in several ways, including playing a Blu-ray disc, playing a single player game, and watching live TV.


Among the major features, the new device will use Blu-ray optical media. The device will sport an HDMI input, which will let you hook up cable boxes to enable live TV viewing. In fact, the console will be an all-purpose device with the potential to transform your living room experience.

At present, Xbox players can access disc-based games without Internet, though the console offers additional features with Internet connection. But, many players don’t seem to bother about extra features and some seldom connect their console to the web.

More information on the extent of offline support is yet to be revealed. It could resemble the offline support on Xbox 360, allowing you to insert an optical disc, install the game and play with no Internet connection. Or, it could work similar to Steam, where you install and activate the game online, but switch on to offline play after that.

Playing the next-generation Xbox without Internet connection is definitely great news for Xbox fans. You can learn more about the device at the official release scheduled for May 21st 2013 at an event in its Redmond Campus. In the same event, Microsoft is set to launch its Call of Duty Ghosts, alon with Xbox 720, planning to provide more details on it at a June press conference.

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